LOTL Timeless CD

Lord Of The Lost "Timeless"
01. Lord Of The Lost & Jürgen Plangger (A Life [Divided]/Eisbrecher) „Black Celebration“ (Depeche Mode)
02. Lord Of The Lost & Dero Goi (Oomph!) „Lullaby“ (The Cure)
03. Lord Of The Lost & Florian Grey „Black No. 1“ (Type O Negative)
04. Lord Of The Lost & Syndro-syS „Fade To Grey“ (Visage)
05. Lord Of The Lost & Subway To Sally „Sin“ (Nine Inch Nails)
06. Lord Of The Lost & Scarlet Dorn „Where The Wild Roses Grow“ (Nick Cave)

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CHS Vol 208

Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 208

01. Apoptygma Berzerk „Backdraft“ (Deviced by The Invincible Spirit) 
02. Frozen Plasma feat. Xavier Morales (Ruined Conflict) „Murderous Trap“
03. Amnistia „Package Of Regrets“
04. Harmjoy „Heart Shaped Shadow“ (Exklusiver Inside Out-Edit)
05. !distain „SynthPopBoy“ (Oren Amram Synthesize Me Club-Remix)
06. Mirexxx „Bleeding Sky“
07. Sabbath Assembly „Worthless“
08. Ellende „Die Wege“
09. Munarheim „Dein ist der Tag“
10. Once Awake „Live Life On“
11. Donnergroll „Black Second Clarity“
12. State Of The Union „Slither“ (Assemblage 23-Remix)
13. „Can't Stand The Night“ 
14. Sea Of Sin „Contamination“
15. Projekt Ich feat. Caroline McLavy „The Sleepy Time“ (L_iGH_T Remix)
16. Macabros Classics, Folge 5, Die Schreckensgöttin [Hörspiel MP3s im Datenteil]

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